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Stuck in boot loop after entering passcode


got a iPhone 6 that was not looping , after I put in recovery mode and then exited it the phone started normally and went to passcode screen, after putting in last digit of passcode phone froze amd then went into boot loop again. Re flashed the phone on 3u tools amd passcode screen come up, after entering passcode it froze again on last digit and goes back into boot loop.

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There could be a lot of reasons your phone is acting like it is. You should try another screen, battery and dock connector to rule out a parts issue.

You said you flashed it with 3uTools. I gather you had the retain users data ticked? If you previously forgot the passcode and entered the wrong one too many times this is what I would expect to happen.

If you didn’t disable the phone by entering the wrong passcode the problem will most likely be a fault on the NFC circuit on the logic board which would require a reputable repairer to fix.

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