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Insignia’s Flex 10.1 is an 8 inch touchscreen tablet that uses Windows 10 operating system, features dual cameras and holds up to 32 GB of memory. The model number is: NS-P08W7100.

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Obsolete digitizer doesn't work. Can it be restored with epoxy?

I have an Insignia Flex P08W7100-C with a severely cracked screen that has some gaps where shard of glass fell out. The digitizer doesn’t work at all on one side, but the display is fine. No one makes a replacement screen for it.

I’m not that clear on how a digitizer works, but I’m wondering if I could remove the digitizer, set it face-down on a silicone mat, fill in the gaps with heated epoxy, then re-install it. Would that stand any chance of restoring the digitizer’s function?

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Not sure whether the touchscreen is a resistive or capacitive type but in either case once it has been damaged it cannot be repaired.

Can’t find any replacement digitizers for the model but was wondering if this may be an option to consider?

It is also for an Insignia 8” tablet so perhaps they used the same digitizer in both models as the model numbers are very close. Worth the gamble maybe as the price is reasonable.

Here are some guides that may help if you decide to do this. Unfortunately neither is for your specific model but the principle is the same.

Insignia NS-P10A8100 Glass repair

Insignia Flex 8 NS-P08A7100 Screen Replacement

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I thought the same thing, and I bought that screen. It's around 2mm longer than the original. In the model numbers, "A" stands for Android and "W" stands for Windows. Apparently, they were made by different manufacturers. Thanks for the feedback!


@Steve Close

If you still have the old digitizer, check on the digitizer's flex cable or the digitizer panel itself for any "part numbers" that may be stamped on them.

A lot of times a part can be found by searching only for the part number in the search term and not for the type of part and the device make and model where it is used.

Just a thought


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