Physical impact-event in the past affecting tracking

So a few years ago I watched in horror as a kid used my Limited Edition Green Razer Naga and its 6 foot cord as a jump-rope. I’m here now, so obviously it didn’t go well. Everything worked fine except the tracking, and I could hear a rattling noise in it. Today I took it apart, and a small translucent dome came out. There’s another translucent piece on the motherboard, and I’m wondering what it is. On the motherboard piece, I can see a small copper item. I’m tempted to either hot glue the now disconnected item back on, or based on my assumption that the item is solid glue, I might just glue it. Again, everything else works on the mouse.

Update (01/01/2021)

Update: The translucent thing is just an LED. My search continues.

Update (01/01/2021)

Okay so new question. The LED there is off, everything else should is on. Something around that area isn’t working and I’ll keep you posted if I find out what it is.

Block Image

Update (01/02/2021)

It’s working. I have no idea what I did but if anyone has this issue, just touch things. Touch the sauder because that’s all I can think that I did and the tracking is working.

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