Why is my laptop wont open?

So, my NEC versapro won’t open and i dont know what to do. It also have a black screen i really dont know what to do. Plss help

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Hi Fran,

Please give us some information so we can help you.

What is exact model - which NEC VersaPro - look on underside label.

Did any LED's blink, fans spin, beep sounds, etc., etc.

Was the charger/power supply plugged in?


@aactech It's NEC VersaPro VY16M/FD-4. When it open (by miracle) it keeps blinking or it stay black and there's no beeping sound in it


@Fran Fran

What keeps blinking?

Look below:

* Power LED

Blue On = Computer power on

Flashing = Sleeping

Orange On = Low battery

Flashing = Low battery during sleep

Quickly Flashing = Extremely low battery

Off = Computer power off or hibernating

* Battery Recharge LED

Orange or Amber On = Battery recharging

Flashing = Battery error

Off = The battery or AC adapter is unplugged or Battery is fully charged

*Drive Activity LED

Green = The hard drive or DVD drive is accessing data

Off = The drive is not currently accessing data

What do you see?

* Try with just battery in and no power adapter

* Try with no battery and just power adapter plugged in.

Any difference?


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