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The fifth-generation Volkswagen Jetta was introduced in January 2005.

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it started getting hard to even get in gear

I have 09 jetta with short shifter. It has the 2 ends on top with the torx heads at the ends of linkage. But it also has the spring clip with the 3 fingers on both cables on a bracket that connects to the other cables . From there on to the shifter. All bushings are good. Got just a little tough going in 1st and 2nd . I was having a mechanic doing something else. So i asked him to go ahead and check that out. He called saying he changed a bushing out and said the linkage was way out so he had to adjust it out. I go get it . Did ok for few miles about 5 stops. Then it started getting hard to even get in grar. Turn around go back. He started adjusting it again. I'm there he breaks torx heads loose.He didn't move battery box or nothing. He's reaching in the tight spot. I tried to tell him further back about the connection with the spring clip. Mechanic gets his worker to get in and put the pin to lock the shifter. He uses a screwdriver. Half size of the 5mm. Gets done he says u should be good. I leave does ok for 3 stops. Does everything all over right at his shop. Go back he then he says leave it . He called. I go in he says i need new trans. I have to go tomorrow and talk about it. I think he's gotten my linkage so far out for not taking the stuff out the way on top to get to the spring and 3 finger connection and that's where it needs to be adjusted and put the other ends all the way back in where those torx bolts are on top of the shift tower and my car will be fine.Never no problems like this and didn't see a new bushing any where. Can anyone please leave me some information ….

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Best thing to do, go to a different garage and explain what has apparently been done, how it previously felt and after they fiddled with it and get a fresh set of eyes on it, maybe the garage you went to have done something completely wrong or broken something and don’t want to admit it (VW trannys aren’t cheap to replace if they have) and see what they say.

If your short shifter isn’t factory standard I would remove it and get it set back up normal again and working properly so you can drive the car and see if everything works okay or if there’s any problems that pop up that can then only be down to the standard parts. can always install that short shifter again if there’s no issues but may make it easier to set up and avoid any costly problems.

If you’ve had continuous problems with the same garage and you don’t think they’ve done it right then get the work done by another garage.

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