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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released November 2017.

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My surfacebook 2 13.5" 's dock battery is swelling up

I have a surfacebook 2 13.5”. The battery in the keyboard swelled up and I want to replace the battery — but I only see batteries for the 15” surfacebook. The 13.5” length is 31 cm while the 15” length is 34 cm. I cannot find a 13.5 “ battery .. only the 15” one on your IFIXIT site. Any suggestions please? If I replace the battery, do I need to buy a new keyboard casing too?

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@asfiechter your Surface Book 2 should have a G3HTA048H battery. Looks like iFixit does not carry that battery. You may have to look online for a proper replacement. About a new keyboard casing, that will depend on how bad it looks right now. A lot of times you get away with just removing the swollen battery.

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Anyone having this problem in the future:

It depends if you have built in graphics aceleration or not.

The docks with graphic acceleration have the same 2 x 3 cell battery as the 15" model

The basic 13.5" keyboard has the 2 x 2 cell battery.

It's really not clear when looking at the various support and vendor documentations.

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