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Repair guides for the Shure SM57 microphone, a common professional low impedance cardioid dynamic microphone for live sound and studio recording.

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Resonator has come loose on the Mic

So my SM57 had lost some gain so I opened up the microphone to see if I could fix it, of course, I just made it worse and the resonator came off the top of the mic and the adhesive seems to be dry so I cant stick it back on. I also tried just holding the loose part back onto where it should be but i couldn’t get any sound from it.

I know I might of just totally written off the mic but just wanted to see if anyone knew if it was a fixable issue, any help would be appreciated.

I have attached some images for reference.


Block Image

Block Image

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Hey, I suggest the head is scrap. Looks like you have broken the 2 small wires from the ring to the mic insides.

They are really thin…

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Hey…looks like the two miniature wires have broken from the coil these go down either side to the body connections . do-able but you will need a very fine iron and a good magnifier

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