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The a7R II (model no. ILCE‑7RM2) is Sony's 2015 revision to their full-frame, mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera.

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Buttons aren’t working

My camera buttons aren’t working.

the menu button, fn, select button don’t work.

the shutter release button works fine.

the camera isn’t very responsive in manual modes. It works fine in Auto mode.

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hi Frank, i have the same problem with my Sony A7ii.

Menu scrolling on its own and scroll wheel dont work, buttons dont work.

Did you already FIX yours?

Thank you bro :)


Did you allready fixed the problem?

The buttons on my a7rii dont work only if i put it in panorama or movie mode all buttons work. But the scroll wheel and select button dont work on any mode?

Kind regards


Mine too did you get it resolved?


the menu button, fn, select button don’t work.


I too have the same problem with the Sony A7R II... I wish this was an easy fix, looks like I'm going to look for a repair shop.


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Sorry for the very late reply. Yup i got mine fixed with the local repair shop. They say this was an issue the with Sony A7II when passed the shutter count. Seen this issue also with my friend the same as mine. Both our units are now now functioning well and hopefully in the years to come.

I got mine fixed for USD65

Hope this helps :)

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My local repair shop keeps saying they can't fix it i need you to refer me to who did yours


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I have A7II and I have the same issue. I've watched a lot of video and I hope that issue in those detail.

Block Image

I'll try to fix it by myself in near future and try to create guide.

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We just did this repair here at our shop. Here's the part on AliExpress for anyone wanting it:

We have fixed the button issues, and all functions seem normal. We're proceeding with extensive QI at the moment before letting the customer know they're all set.

No one else in our area appeared willing to do the repair. Sony wanted $400 just to take in the camera, so we gave it a shot. It was a pain, but hopefully, it's all worth it.


Hey Anthony, where is your shop located? I have the same issue and would like to have my camera repaired


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Same problem here, with both my A7ii and my A7Rii. Both camera's are 7 years of age. I am currently in the proces of replacing the top button controls. With the help of YouTube and IFIXIT (thanks guy's for the clear teardown instruction). The buttons on the back I replaces as well, but that didn't solve my problem. The AliExpress delivery took four weeks.

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