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Display and Apple Logo not working, but works with external Display

Hello community,

I’m trying to help my Mum out with her old MacBook Air. When turning the MBA on the Display doesn’t show any kind of signal and the Apple Logo on the back isn’t glowing either.

When I’m plugging a Monitor via the DisplayPort in it, I get a signal and the Mac is usable.

Somehow the Display Assembly doesn’t get any power from the board.

I opened up the bottom and tried to find anything that could narrow my search down. Something that might’ve burned out over the years. However, I wasn’t able to find anything looking suspicious.

I will add some photos. Maybe one of you guys could help me with the problem.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

thank you :)

Update (12/06/2020)

@danj Just took the photo of the connector. Let me know if I could do anything else that would help.

Block Image

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Are the Photos I uploaded visible for you?

It’s my first time posting to this forum.


You need to finish posting from the media tray to the question Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


Lets give this a try take a flash light and aim it into the lids logo you should see the faint image of the desktop and its icons, do you?


@danj I just checked out your profile. What a legend you are here on this forum. I hope that there has been someone before me who thanked you for the great work and effort you put into helping others here.

I tried it with the flashlight and wasn’t able to see any kind of symbols. What a smart idea you came up with, so to use it as backlight. That probably means that it’s more than just a loose cable or something easy to fix. I tried to take a photo of the result but I’m not sure if you can see enough.


@niklas_jesper - Thanks for the kind words! Just doing my part in lowering the carbon footprint we collectively add,

Remember the three R's - Repair, Reuse & Recycle properly.


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Let’s dig a bit deeper, I need to see one area more clearly to figure things out. Following this guide: MacBook Air 13" Late 2010 Display Assembly Replacement Start off with Steps 1 through 3, then jump down to Step 20 carefully disconnecting the LVDS cable which is the cable that sends the video signal to your internal display. Take a picture like this one:

Block Image

So I can see both connector.

Update (12/06/2020)

Happy to see the connectors are clean! A common issue is corrosion around them.

So it’s clear the issue is within the display assembly its self. I’m suspecting some display cleaner dripped down wetting the connector interface there damaging it.

You’ll need to replace the display to fix this, right now the only source I trust is this one 13” MacBook Air Complete Display LCD Assembly (Refurbished) they also repair displays as well.

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@danj Thank you so much for narrowing down the problem. Keep up the great work. Appreciate it :)


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