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The RCA Cambio is a two-in-one Windows tablet produced by RCA.

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I have an RCA Pro 12 tablet that I cannot log into.

I have an RCA Pro12 tablet that I cannot log into. I just keeps going into circles. Has anyone had success in logging in? I heard hype some has but no proof they were successful.

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You don’t state what actually you do see when it ”keeps going into circles “ but I assume it does not boot up to the log in screen. If that is the case the following answer will fix you problem. If not then your 32GB flash drive is either corrupted or defective. But first let’s try the solution below.

Accessing Advanced start-up when PC isn't loading:

If your device isn't loading or stuck during boot, you can use this method to access the recovery environment:

  1. Turn on your PC.
  2. As soon as the Windows logo appears on your screen, press the power button to turn off computer.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 two more times.

After the third interruption, Windows 10 will open into the Advanced Start-up environment

While in the Advanced startup environment, use the following steps to use Startup Repair:

  1. Click the Troubleshoot button.
  2. Click the Advanced options button.
  3. Click the “Startup Repair” button.
  4. Select your account.
  5. Type your account password.
  6. Click the Continue button.

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I keeps going in circles of logging on then tells me this was factory restart and I need the original sign in and password. I can't seem to get pass the log in screen even though I received an email from Google confirming the register of my Pro12. I will try your recommendation. thanks,


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