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The Zoom H6 Handy Recorder is a portable audio recorder with interchangeable mics and several built-in effects, and can also be used as an audio interface for computers and tablets.

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How I fix SD Reader or replace it?

I put in a SD card to the reader but it could not put out it, so I put it by force!

Now the readers Iron strings are up and the reader can't read!

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The proplem is here on this mudule



I can't but the sd card anymore!


i too got a stuck sd card after forcing it out the card lock broke, is the cardholder replaceable. thanks for any advice


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Solução escolhida looking at the teardown, it’s soldered. take it to a repair shop if you find a part, should be an easy soldering

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Excuse me but the proplem is not here..

İts in SD reader mudule


I know. The picture is the closest I can get to it!


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