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Released on July 24, 2019, The third generation Amazon Kindle Oasis features a 7-inch, 300ppi E Ink display, adjustable warm light, one-handed design, waterproofing, aluminum exterior, Bluetooth support and Micro USB for charging. This e-reader comes in two colors: Graphite or Champagne Gold.

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How to open Oasis 3 to change battery?

I would like to know how to open the device to change the battery. At the moment it is not necessary but because the battery runtime is about the same on my 6 month old Oasis 3 as on my 6 year old (heavily used) Paperwhite i bet that i will have to change the battery after ~3 years.

Update (10/12/22)

Don´t get me wrong. I love my Oasis. Size, buttons to flip pages, automatic orientation rotation and case shape (which makes it extremely comfortable to hold). But the battery size is a joke. One day of heavy reading and the battery is down to 10%. If i could easily open the case i would try to fit a bigger battery.

I did some modding with my old Paperwhite years ago. And also changed the Battery after a few years. Even added a Qi receiver to charge it wireless.

Probably will try to open my Oasis in the future when the battery gets weaker. At the moment the battery is still to good to risc damaging the Oasis by opening the case.

Here two pics of my old Paperwhite

Block Image

Block Image

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hey - did you get anywhere with this? the oasis battery is rubbish!!


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It uses the same battery (~0.90 Wh, yeah tiny) as the earlier Oasis, so probably a good guess it uses the same process to replace the battery (spudger to pry it off slowly I believe).

Just as a FYI, the Oasis originally launched with a battery cover where the main battery was kept (~4.5 Wh), but I'm guessing they had problems with that and dropped it and so the current Oasis has this tiny little battery in it (without telling potential customers of course). The Paperwhite has a ~5.0Wh battery.

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The answers to the question are not answers, they are comments


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