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NFC and apple pay problems

Just a quick question. Recently repaired the back glass of 11 however damaged the wireless charging coil. Ordered a new one and installed. Now Apple pay is not working so NFC is not working either. I just wanted to know if the coil is the NFC problem? Or is it the flex cable at the top of the phone that’s the problem? Thanks

Update (11/17/2020)

Any idea which one it is? There are 3 connectors coming from 3 different antennas at the top. I have highlighted them

Block Image

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After reconnecting all 3 of the connectors shown in the screenshot the NFC function worked. I still don't know which one of these was the problem but it seems that the connection was not passing the signal through. For anyone wondering how to test NFC I use NFC tags which I write to using a compatible phone and then just tap the top of the phones to see if the tag gets picked up.


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It’s at the top of the phone, usually around the camera.

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I have updated the question highlighting the antennas. Any idea which one of them it is?


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