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The Asus Tuf Gaming FX505GT Is A 15.6 Inch Laptop With A Intel Core i5 9300H And A GeForce GTX 1650. It has Windows 10 and was made by Asus in 2018.

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Laptop won’t turn on and chrg and hard drive light is on

I have a Asus TUF gaming FX504G made in 2018 that won’t turn on. I press the power button and nothing changes except when I turn it off, then the hard drive light turns off with it (note that it comes on as a solid light when power button is pressed) It may be crucial to mention I’ve tried everything from external monitors to changing parts (charger, ram, battery) and doing that static thing. I cannot seem to get it to work. The parts in this computer are: GTX 1050, Intel I5-8600k, 256GB storage (SSD) with a 15.7in 60hz monitor. Need answers ASAP please

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Considering that you’ve tried external monitors suggests that the screen itself isn’t the defective component, as the hard drive indicator light is a solid light as you mentioned could mean that there is no activity in the drive. Because of this, it leads me to believe that the motherboard might be the issue. A possible way to troubleshoot this is to remove the GPU (if possible) and check for an output from the screen.

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