MacBook Air Restarting Itself constantly


As of Monday I’d noticed that my Macbook Air kept restarting itself and would load up with a black screen and folder/question mark symbol. I took the bottom case of a had seen that my SSD M2 and adapter was loose due to a broken stud.

Now that I’ve secured it again (with a temporary fix), my Macbook will barely make it to log in screen without turning black, and restarting saying ‘Your computer restarted because of a problem. Press a key or wait a few seconds to continue starting up’. So I do that, but it just keeps doing that in a cycle.

What are my options? Is the SSD damaged? Logic Board? It was all working perfectly until a few days ago so I’m really not sure how this has happened. I’ve tried going into recovery mode but it won’t even get that far. I really want my files from the drive as I’m a teacher and have valuable documents on it.

Any help or advice is appreciated as always!!


James :)

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Update (14/11/2020)

I found the original SSD for my MacBook today and decided to give that a go. It seems to actually power on and stay on unlike the M2. However, every time it goes to sleep, it won’t come back on and the WiFi and Bluetooth has been disabled and won’t turn back on.

Therefore, is the SSD M2 the issue? Or does this sound like a Logic Board issue? If it is, would a same model MacBook Air work if I put my M2 SSD in? Or do I just go bankrupt and buy a MacBook Pro M1?

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what is that temporary fix


At the moment, it just has some thick tape where the screw/stud would be


i want to say that may be the problem but i honestly have no idea


Thanks anyway. I can't see why it would be but you're right.


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