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Is it worth trying to repair?

Hello everyone. I apologize for my English in advance.

Here’s the deal:

I bought a used PS4 with an HDMI port torn off from PCB and some tracks and pads being destroyed underneath it. When turning on the console I can hear it beeps, it’s starting to blink blue, the fan and hard drive start spinning. Also, here’s some more symptoms that I noticed:

-usb’s don’t have power (i’m not sure if it should be there when the console goes on).

-metal shield above the APU is hot to touch after a couple of minutes of work

-power supply cable is quite warm at the end closest to the unit.

So, the questions are:

1) How bad is the console condition by given symptoms?

2) Is it worth trying to repair that thing?

Thank you!

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It sounds doable, I would suggest just replacing the whole MB as the soldering is fairly difficult

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Yep, it's the easiest way but i couldn't find any MB available for sale, and judging by the prices i could find, i guess the better option is to buy another used one from local sellers. but anyway, thanks for your answer)


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