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Repair information for Apple's high-end wireless earbuds—priced above standard AirPods, and first released in October 2019.

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Right AirPod pro dying quicker than Left AirPod pro

I’ve been charging both of my headphones simultaneously, but for some reason my right headphone keeps dying. It makes the sound of low battery but when I check it out, it’s at 45%, then it dies. What could this possibly be? It only lets me listen to music for about an hour, then the right headphone shuts off. I make sure they are fully charged at 100% every time.

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so.... in 2021 I found out why. that's an early symptom of a defective unit. in 2021 that bugger stopped detecting my ear, and noise cancellation stopped working.... go get your receipt as you'll need it to get it repaired. &&^&@*@.


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If you’ve had them for about 18 months, then the batteries inside them are approaching their end of life. Unfortunately the batteries in the airpods are not replaceable, which basically means you have to throw them away and shell out another chunk of money to “fix” it. If they’re less than a year old you should be able to get them replaced under warranty.

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I ordered my headphones on July 23, 2020 and received them on July 25, 2020. I got them off of Ebay as brand new. When I received them they were still in plastic wrap and sealed.


@Treyonna Gamble well seeing as you bought them off of "flee bay" that's probably why they failed then. You probably got a pair of fakes.


Agree, if they were bought off eBay and had shrink wrap plastic on them, they sound like counterfeits, or previously used. The Apple package typically has two little tear strips on the bottom of the box (2022 models).

Quick tip: the serial numbers and part numbers for all three parts can be found printed on them: e.g. model numbers A2698, A2699, A2700. You can also find them in the Settings, Airpods, About section, tapping the Serial Number line will cycle through the value for each of the three parts. This is for bona fide Apple parts, I'm not sure that counterfeits will have the same function.


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There are plenty of tricks to making the tiny AirPod batteries last a longer lifetime. E.g. ensuring that either AirPod's microphone can be used automagically (option found in Settings). Using one AirPod at a time for phone calls. Limiting use of noise cancellation/transparency features. Keeping them in the storage case when not in use (minimizes the use of power for Bluetooth connection to an iPhone. More tips can be found at MacRumors and 9to5 Mac.

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