Why is my trackpad click function not working after a few minutes?

So I started getting this recently and believe it could be software issue, because when I was reinstalling Catalina, the click was working all through the installation, but after I enter desktop the click sound of the trackpad goes away few mins later with functionality still intact. I am hearing a lot about the battery getting swollen and preventing the trackpad from getting clicked down, why would it even allow clicking throughout installation process?

I have opened the Mac and reconnected the cables that needed to be, but this problem continues. I have reset everything under System Settings for Trackpad, but the issue continues..

Help appreciated..


I have rebooted in Safe mode by holding Shift key during boot and the click works for as long as I want. But when I reboot to regular mode, it stops working, and then I try safe mode back, it won’t work there either. So what has happened?


i got the click briefly working for a day, but after I put it to charge last night until 90% and tried using, the click is again gone. Also the laptop is always in sleep mode, maybe it’s charging issues on a port or the battery is really getting swollen, I have no idea what to make of this.


I have realised, the click function is coming and going on it’s own wish. However, when I do an NVRAM or SMC reset, the click works for sometime and then goes away again, on it’s wish. Help!


After continuous use, I have finally narrowed down to the charging port (USB-C) near the display. Whenever I use that port to charge, within a few mins the click function goes away, then I remove the cable, wait for few mins, the click function comes back. Then, I continue with the second port for charging, the click function never goes away. Strange, is this a logic board problem? Anyone?

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Really doubt it's a swollen battery considering it's not that old and the force touch trackpads on these don't actually move AFAIK. It's really just some haptic motor that makes it feel like a click.

I have no experience with these newer Macs so don't take my answer for granted but it seems like some software issue that doesn't tell the haptic motor to give the feedback to me.


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