Is Something is wrong with my ps4s cpu/ram chips?

My ps4 was having overheating problems so I decided to fix it. It’s model is 12115a. I used grizzly thermal pads and Corsair TM30 thermal paste.

After reapplying both my console was working fine for about 2 hours then clicked once and shut off. After this I encountered the blue light coming on for 2 seconds then going away. It eventually turned back on after about 15 minutes. This time I decided to leave it on the dashboard to see if anything happened, I also had the top cover off. After 5 minutes it shut off the same way as previously. This time I touched the plate above the cpu and it was burning hot. This leads me to believe that either the thermal paste or thermal pads are the root of my issue.

Is it bad thermal paste? Should I try Artic Silver 5? Was it applied wrong? Any insight would be appreciated.

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