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The Toro SGR-13 Stump Grinder is a walk-behind stump grinder featuring a cutting wheel with replaceable grinder teeth. Released in 2019. Model number: 22615HD.

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The engine is not starting?

Machine came in due to pull string breaking. Changed the pull string. Now the engine will not fire up. Removed and changed the spark plug, cleaned the carburetor. Still no ignition?

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@batman480 what make and model engine does this beast have?


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These engines have low oil cut out switches on them and when they go bad will cause a no start condition. If you look at the front of the engine you will see a single yellow wire coming from the crankcase to a connector behind the on off switch on the engine. After making sure the engine has the proper amount of oil, disconnect this wire and see if it will start. If it starts the oil switch needs replacement. You can also isolate and check the continuity of both kill switched here, the red and black wire go to the switch on the engine and the bluish green and black wires go to the bail on the handle. If either of these switches ground out when in the on position the engine will not start. Last resort would be with the ignition coil itself which on the Hondas I have never had an issue with but doesn’t mean they don’t wear out. Take it off, clean both of the pick-up on the coil and the magnets on the flywheel with #0000 steel wool or a green scrubbing pad. Then look up the proper gap specs for the coil and take a feeler gauge and and set the proper gap between the coil and the flywheel.

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