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NBC 250 inverter mig welder no spark

Hi all , i have an NBC250 inverter mig welder which has no spark , the fan works ok , the wire feed seems ok when i press the torch trigger just no arc ,

i have checked all the mosfets and diodes on the large heatsink (labeled on photo) ,all these check out ok ..

The only place i don’t seem to get any voltage is on this one cable which goes from the bottom board with all the mosfet / diodes , circled in red , im not sure which board should feed which and when ..

Block Image

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I solved this , there was a burned resistor on the upper board , see the no voltage at the pin note in above photo,

Block Image

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could i ask which resistor as i have a similar problem but cant see anything burnt. is it on the small stand of board which seems to be missing in the photo. and do you know if these pcb’s are available. regards moldy



Hi ,yes it was the resistor just below and to the left of the capacitor in the middle of the picture above ..

I had to take the stand off board out to get at the resistor .

I couldn't find much info about the welder or the boards so doubt you would be able to get the board ,,


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Well done for solving your problem. I wonder if you've been taught this or if you've learned how to do it properly yourself. I just want to get a job as a welder after school, so I'm asking about it. I just looked on the Internet that you can go to courses . However, maybe there is an alternative option? Perhaps some college, or something like that. Or do I still have to take courses and then work without higher education? Sorry, of course, that I ask you this, I just want to become a qualified specialist who knows how to do everything in his profession.

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