My MacBook appears totally dead since I tried to change the ram.

I have this MacBook that a friend gave me a while ago. It was working, and I’m pretty sure that it was a “5,2” from 2009. It only had 2GB of ram and I took a 2GB stick out of the slightly earlier version of this MacBook that I have (it’s a “4,1”) and put it in this one. Since then, it has been totally dead, despite my taking out the ram stick and putting back the original pair of 1GB sticks, and making every effort to secure them properly. (The 2GB stick works again back in the older MacBook.)

BTW, the battery, which I move back and forth between the two MacBooks because it’s the only good one I have, is charged and it starts up the old MacBook without any power cord. The light on the cord turns green when plugged into either MacBook. It was orange for a while when plugged into the “dead” Mac while the green lights on the bottom of the battery were on. They don’t light up at all now.

I’ve tried to start it using various suggested key combinations I’ve found online, to no avail.

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