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Model A1625. 2015 revision to Apple's set-top-box featuring an A8 processor and 2 GB of RAM.

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Apple logo and the nothing

Have two Apple TVs with the same problem, i can get them into recovery and DFU mode but I get a Error 4 when trying to restore them.

Any help would be awesome.

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Try holding down the menu and volume down buttons. It worked on a relative's - the thing will keep on changing resolutions


@ngs765 so when do i hold them down? i get to a part where it says waiting on Apple TV and the screen is black


@capsitup after the apple logo disappears?


Yeah it a funny it looks like it’s gonna restore then the apple logo disappeared and then it sits and has a black screen


I’ll try get a video ... I’ve heard the cables important too


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OMG I opened both and checked for shorts and then by chance ground one of the SMD resistors near the nand and it reset and let me recover the two Apple Tvs.

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