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Repair information for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2, released in 2014. Model numbers: SM-T900, SM-T905.

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replaced battery in Samsung Galaxy tab sm-T900 now screen doesn't work

Hi my Samsung Galaxy pro tab sm-T900 wasnt charging but the screen worked. We put in a new battery and charging port and with new charger. When we turned in on you could hear sounds coming from if just no display on a black screen. Any ideas how to fix it? I also was hoping to find a schematic of the inside to identify the video/monitor connections to check and make sure they are connected. Any help would be appreciated.

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@gretal few things that may have happened. Something did not get connected, something came loose or something got broken ;-). Anyhow You will have to disassemble it once more. Check all the connections, remove the cables from the connectors and make sure that there are no bend or broken pins specifically on the LCD cable.

Block Image

Block Image

Download the second picture and use your graphics program to view it. It’ll be to small to see it in the viewer on here

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where i can download it the schematic


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