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Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Bricked MacBook Pro 09’

Hello asking for help in the simplest of terms. Wife tried to update her mid 2009 MacBook Pro running El Capitan to high Sierra following a YouTube video and somehow messed up something. On start up I get the slash and circle icon tried everything. Anyway I can fix this? Computer is in awesome shape and really don’t want to just throw it away. Would like to know how to get back to El Capitan or somehow get high Sierra on it

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The “ghostbusters” symbol means the OS is either corrupted or incompatible (unlikely). I suggest reinstalling the OS.

Create a bootable drive with only the OS you want in it (don’t use a drive you often use as this will erase the entire drive. Turn on the computer but hold down the option key until you see a screen with a hard drive and a yellow box with a USB icon or it. Select the USB, wait for it to boot, and select “Reinstall Mac OS X”. You shouldn’t lose all your data from this.

You could also try internet recovery, which doesn’t require a boot drive but the computer will still be on El Capitan. This time, hold command and R on startup until you see a globe. Connect to the internet and let it continue until it boots to Mac OS utilities. Just run the same “Reinstall Mac OS X” and wait.

I hope any of these work.

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I’m sorry so do I have to try and put high Sierra on it since thats what my wife tried to do. I believe she essentially changed the firmware and I believe deleted everything on the drive or can I can still somehow put El Capitan back on by plugging it in from a usb drive? The internet recovery wasn’t successful for me.


@dettiger53 I don't think your files are corrupted - rather all that's corrupted is the OS itself. You don't specifically need to put High Sierra or El Capitan on it, !&&* I don't even think these 2009 MBPs can run High Sierra without a patcher.

You can put any OS from 10.5.7 up to El Capitan, then upgrade to the High Sierra patch if you want. I'd rather do pre-10.8 since 10.9 Mavericks and up require you to actually download the installer from the App Store (and your Apple ID must have actually downloaded said installer already)


Ya she used a firmware patch but she messed up somewhere. Really don’t know what to do. Really don’t want to continue with trying to get high Sierra if it’s a long process. Would be alright with El Capitan if i can get the computer up and running again.


@dettiger53 Honestly no idea how you can mess up the firmware update since that happens automatically. El Capitan works fine - the hard part would be actually getting the installer. Unless you have previously installed it on the App Store.

(If you have another Mac) You can open the App Store, go to "Purchased" and just keep scrolling down until you find the installer. Just install and wait. I'll update if it will work.


I have another Mac. So I just can’t download the El Capitan from the Apple site and put it on a usb drive?


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