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iPhone 8 in endless bootloop and dies when unplugged

I just got a new screen for my iPhone 8 and it is in a endless bootloop when plugged in and when I unplug it it instantly dies and won’t turn on when I press the power button I plug it back in and same thing. I also tried plugging it into the computer but it won’t do anything .Could this possibly be a bad battery ? I’m trying to transfer data to a iPhone XS

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Check the battery connector and make sure the pins on the side have not been pushed into the plastic. Also there is a chance you nudged some tiny components around the battery connector. There are a couple of mosfets and a couple of resistors. If these have been nudged or knocked off it would cause the phone to behave as it is.  You will probably need magnification to check as the components are tiny.

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Have you ever left the phone unused for more 8 months or so? My only theory is that the battery got discharged so much that there’s not enough power to the phone, and since iOS devices boot up automatically it constantly tries to boot but ends up draining the battery every single time.

You could replace the battery or try to prevent the device from turning on automatically.

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Imhaving the same issue with my XS

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