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The Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB is a folding 2-in-1 laptop produced by Lenovo. It has a 13-inch touch screen and is designed for power users. The laptop can be identified by its model number, which begins with “81CT”.

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WIFI internet connection unstable goes away and comes back

Hi, Can anyone help me find out and resolve the issue that my internet connection goes away and comes back only on this laptop? My other devices that are connected to the internet does not have this issue. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank You

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where did you buy the card? When I google the exact specs I am not really finding anything. Is any Intel AC 8265 good or is the (M.2 A Key, M.2 E Key) critical?


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Hello Emma

I had a similar issues, where every device in my WiFi was connected except my laptop. After I found out, I had the Realtek Wifi card installed in my laptop, I googled for some reviews of that card. Conclusion was, that card is just crap. There are some laptops that come with the Intel card installed and decided to give it a try. Bought one for roughly 30$ and installed it. Since, I have no issues with the internet connection. :-)

Card that fits is: Intel AC 8265 (M.2 A Key, M.2 E Key)

Maybe this solves your issue.

Before installing that card, make sure to deinstall the realtek drivers and just prepare the intel drivers for installation after your changed the card.

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Updating the WiFi card worked for me. I used a Intel AX210 NGW Bluetooth 5.3 Tri-Band


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Disclaimer, I’m not a pro, but I have used devices since 1977 and am one who pushes computers capacity hard, so have learned much. I also explain science research at a pubic consumption level.

The problem could be location or device related.

If you have a phone that will run on 2.4 or 5 GHz check the signal throughout your space by watching the signal on your phone. I have found that 5GHz devices are great in limited range from your router. The 2.4GHz runs further but is a busier highway.

If you have Panasonic phone or microwave, these interfere with the 2.4GHz range when in use. I personally cannot microwave and use live wifi on my old laptop.

My other devices are optional 5GHz. I cannot use 5GHz in the furthest corner from the router and switch back to 2.4GHz. You can find boosters available but most people find them unsatisfactory in the long run and it adds to the amount of wifi you need to purchase from your supplier. The more wifi devices, the bigger your wifi bill.

I have gone back to hard wire my desk top as I need fast power to run AutoCAD and other heavy system users. we have our TV hard wired too. Much better and I have a crawl space to just run cable easily. If you can do this, being on the leash is not so bad because you go faster and cleaner without wifi concerns. Perhaps talk to your cable or wifi provider about this. I recommend this to apartment dwellers to have the wires run under the baseboard so you are never at the mercy of sharing wifi.

Your device many need a reboot. Check to ensure you are running the latest updates for your device. Keep your machine clean and up to date on all updates. If none of that has worked, take it into a shop and get your wifi card replaced with a compatible upgraded version. If you are comfortable with working with electronics and respect the requirements of working with circuits and electricity, you can do this yourself. There are plenty of videos on line, just watch a few before you start. Some folks are idiots out there trying to cash in. In other videos, each give a tip that none other give.

It takes time to compile the full story but if the problem is important to you , you will persevere. I hope this helps.

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Hi there,

Not an expert answer, but as a fellow owner of this laptop, I’m convinced it’s got something to do with the placement of the antenna inside the laptop, or maybe the WiFi card really just isn’t that great. I’ve had this issue since the device was new and nothing has solved it permanently. When I am home I always use a wired connection, but out and about I just have to wait for it to resolve itself. I’d recommend investing in a really long Ethernet cable and USB/USB-c adapter for it.

Best of luck.

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I solved it with a Intel AX210 NGW Bluetooth 5.3 Tri-Band card I got on Amazon for about $30.00. It is a little tricky to install, but performance over the OEM card is a night and day difference.


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