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How can I find plastic joystick parts for this RC?


I’m trying to fix my child RC for his toy car.

Apparently, 2 plastic joysticks are broken.

Is there any chance to get these parts online?


Block Image

Block Image

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Hello! :D

Solution 1:

The toy doesn’t look like one you are able to find spare parts for, but just in case please add some more information about what the manufacturer is and if you can find any model number on the bottom of the device.

Solution 2:

There is also another solution if it is like I think, I would recommend you look around if there are any Maker spaces around where you live.

They usually have so-called “3D-printers“, it’s a device that dispences plastic in layers to create plastic parts. (if you want to know more, search for it on Youtube)

So what you can do then is to ask them if they want to help you with modelling the broken part (take it to them so they can take measurements etc.) and then print it for you.

Good luck! :D

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Thanks a lot!


No problem and good luck! :D

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. (I don't know how long it may take me to read it because of school, but I usually take a look here a few times a week)


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3D printing is the best way to go in your situation. I would recommend you try this anisoprint technology that used in the aerospace, automotive, and civil engineering sectors. This is very reliable stuff.

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The car is not working

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