MacBook Air will not turn on

So my MacBook Air will not turn on. It is the 2015 model. I used it in the last few days, and then shut the screen (didn’t turn it off - just shut the top). Went to use it tonight and there is no sign of life. The charger has turned from orange to green now so I know that the battery not charging isn’t the issue. The trackpad is still clicking so I know the laptop hasn’t completely died. There is no chance of water damage or anything of that sort. It is also not the display as when I flash a light at it the screen is still pitch black. When I try to boot it there is no noise at all from a fan, the pinging noise etc. A lot of common solutions for a lot of people haven’t been working for me. Going to phone Apple tomorrow and see what they say, but I don’t really want to be fined hundreds for something I could possibly fix myself. I don’t really feel comfortable opening it up tbh so is there any solutions that have worked for anyone here?

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So update, in case anyone in future sees this who’s having the same issue I was. I knew the laptop hadn’t completely died and so with the help of a YouTube video by “Berry Meherg” called DIY Macbook won’t turn on, I realised the issue was the battery. When I disconnect the battery and have the laptop on charge, it works again. So just going to order a new battery to replace it hopefully


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