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Third generation of the Fitbit Charge fitness tracker series.

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My screen is dim and setting to auto makes it almost black,

When I change the setting to normal the screen is only visible in very dim light

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It is too black to see to swipe to get it lighter, have been through process of charging and pressing button, got a very faint smiley face but not sorted

Problem, will use my standard watch and tell people it is rubbish !!!


When you're trying to adjust the brightness settings, are you doing so in direct sunlight or in a bright room?

If the setting is already too dim, try to navigate the screen in a dimly lit room.


fitbit 3 is rubbish apart from screen blackout doesn’t move through the screens easily finger contact to move screen inconsistent etc wouldn’t buy fitbit again.


Contact Fitbit support immediately. If it's still under warranty, they will replace it. Otherwise, they will offer you a coupon to buy a new device on their web site.

Fitbit Charge 3 appears to suffer this quality issue. Many customers including myself experienced this exact problem. My Charge 3 screen has become so dim I can hardly see anything.


I finally "chatted with someone at Fitbit. I found I had somehow accidentally changed my settings to Dim. I didn't know or had forgotten that you can swipe the Charge 3 screen to the side until you get to "settings", click on the screen and the setting for "brightness" shows up!


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I had this problem too, for the last week and was considering buying a new watch since I couldn’t see the screen at all when outside which is where I use it most. Luckily however, I did some research into this problem on youtube and the only issue was my brightness was set to dim, rather than normal or auto, which can be seen outside in direct sunlight. I didn’t even know you could change the brightness setting ahah. To change the setting I scrolled right to the last page of icons of my Fitbit Charge 3, clicked settings and that is where I found the brightness setting. Simply tap brightness to change it. Hope this helps you!

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Fit bit 3 is worst thing i bought. Screen is black so can not see anything so cannot get to settings on wrustband to make it brighter. Amazon i think bought a dud unless they can improve its IT.


It is hard to find things, but above suggestion worked for me. This is the 2nd time it has happened. I forget where the settings are.


Thats fine I know how to do it but I cant see the screen to get into the settings so what now


I tried everything (changing the clock, resetting several times by pushing the button while on the charging it) and nothing works. I can only see a dimmed time in a dark room


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If it is still under warranty; try for a refund or repair, if it's out of warranty 1 year; you are the member of a non-exclusive club. Commonly fails after warranty. Sorry.

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Sad but very true as Fitbit have extended their condolences (tongue in cheek) for not being able to provide service on their device post warranty.


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