computer boots without io cable, no light on charger. - water damaged

I have a 2015 a1466 which I’m trying to fix but I cannot figure out the issue. My water bottle leaked and the macbook got mildly soaked.

The computer boots when I remove the IO cable, otherwise it does this display flashing thing where it changes brightness until just powering off. Without the cable it boots on the remaining 6% battery it has or on the charger. However the battery doesn’t charge, and the charger shows no light when plugged in.

I’m hoping its an issue with the IO board because replacing it would be cheaper than a whole logic board + whatever else. I’ve been thinking about replacing it but something tells me that no light on charger doesn’t have much to do with the IO board so I would probably have the same issue, just down $100, but with audio!

What should I do?

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