MagSafe light off and fan always running at full speed


A row of keys was damaged on my system, so I performed a keyboard replacement.

Afterwards, the Mac booted normally and all functions worked, except I snapped the end of the heatsink that allows you to screw it in underneath the fan. The fan would not work at all as a result, so I replaced the heatsink and thermal paste.

The fan worked after that, but made a buzzing noise and constantly ran at full speed as soon as the Mac was turned on. I then replaced the fan, and the new one did the same thing. I tried to do an SMC reset, but it did not seem to be successful or change anything.

Additionally, the MagSafe light does not turn on although the power cable is working (able to turn it on without the battery connected and it works with another computer).

I’m wondering if these issues may be caused by I/O board damage, or I/O board cable damage. Is there any way to tell which is causing the issue or if it is something else entirely?

I’m worried I may have pressed too hard on the I/O board cable when trying to reconnect it and damaged it that way somehow. Is it possible to boot it without the I/O board to check if it is the issue?

Apple diagnostics gave me errors PFM006 and PPN001 (SMC and power management system).

Thank you!

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