Laptop not turning on or charging - RESOLVED


Yesterday I tried to use my laptop after a month of inactivity. Just before I stopped using the laptop, I performed a system restore which was successful and decided to turn off the laptop. I also accidentally removed the charger.

Now the laptop fails to turn on at all. In addition to not turning on, the light indicating that the laptop’s charger is plugged does not appear. I attempted to open the laptop to have a look inside to see what’s going on and I can hear a very small clicking/static sound from around the charger port area. I have a slight feeling that its the motherboard which is broken but I am not completely sure as it could be another problem with the laptop.

Unfortunately, the laptop is considered to be “End-of-Life” by Lenovo and the warranty I had for my laptop expired a while ago and Lenovo won’t let me extend the warranty, If you guys had a solution to my issue or know the cause to this it would be greatly appreciated

Update (07/21/2020)

Apologies for the delayed response. I ended up replacing the motherboard with the aid of various YouTube disassemble and reassemble videos which were successful. The laptop now functions as it should.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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Just to eliminate possible causes have you tried taking out the battery and attempting to power up with just the charger plugged in?

The battery could be defective


@aactech I would say the same thing but the charger could also be defective or damaged



Yes, I agree.



Just tried your suggestion and unfortunately, the laptop still won't turn on or charge.


@Sharmarke Farah

Well at least we know that. Looks like you have damaged the charging/power circuit. You'll will need board level repair. Any one in your area?


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