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Mid 2006 / Model Number: A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor

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Is it possible to replace MacBook logic board with a later version?

My macbook has developed a problem charging, to the extent that it will only run when connected to the mains, and does not charge the battery at all.

This problem developed slowly over time.

I have had the problem diagnosed professionally and tried replacement of battery, magsafe etc etc but these are not the problem.

After carrying out tests, the technician determined that the problem was with a chip on the logic board that controls what the computer does with power; i.e. directing it to the battery etc.

He said that the only way to fix this was to replace the logic board, but that the macbook would continue to work fine connected to mains, which has proved to be true for a number of months.

I am reluctant to spend so much money on repairing a macbook that is now quite old and may need replacement soon anyway. At the same time the macbook is absolutely fine for my uses and I do not need an upgrade yet and as such am reluctant to spend the money until I really need an upgrade.

So, is there a cheaper way to fix this? And if I do replace the logic board can i at least replace it with a later model and get more value for money / a few more years out of my macbook before upgrading?



If I

2.0GHz (Intel core duo)

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Please give us the last 3 characters of your serial number so we can verify which lower case part you have to determine what boards will fit in it and have the proper connection for your LCD's backlight. The serial number is located in the battery compartment.


Thank's for your speedy response ABCellars - the last 3 characters of the SN are:


Hope you can help!



Very helpful - thank you!


ABCellars, I have another little, related question - feel free to shed additional light if you wish!

Does the diagnosis of the charging issue (detailed above) make sense to you?

The technician said there was no part I could individually replace to remedy the power issue; that the only way to repair the macbook and get the battery charging again was to replace the logic board.

I've priced the boards that you helpfully told me would fit my macbook, and I'm having a hard time convincing myself to shell out $500ish just to address an issue with charging.

As I said, while more speed/power would be nice, I don't really need this. I am a photographer and find the macbook I have does the job nicely and is fast enough for the files I use.

Thanks again for you help!



With out looking at the board I really could not answer if the board needs replaced. The A1181 is a 12 layer board with power running through 4 of the layers. I have one that will not charge or run on the battery, but will run off the AC. The area on the Motherboard directly in front of connector for the battery board is chard & the damage is in the sub levels of the board. I plan on attempting to fix that board. I have $25 in it, I can't lose. Most techs would call it unrepairable. I doubt if the Tech you took it to was able to trace the problem and blamed it on the power management chip. Download & install Coconut Battery, it is a free program, from here: Find out what that program has to say about your battery/charging. Download iStat & install, another free program: Find out what it has to say voltages, charging etc... Both of these programs reference different parts on the board concerning the battery/charging etc..


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The specs to your MacBook are here. With the bottom case and the backlight inverter cable you have the best you can go up to is the 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo. That doesn't buy you much by looking at the numbers. However that processor/board has twice the processor cache 2 MB vs 4 MB which means it can store more repeated subroutines from programs, making it faster on many operations. That board also supports more RAM, memory, than your current board. The 2.16 is also 64 bit architecture and yours is 32 bit. There are enough subtle differences that you would realize better performance. The specs for the 2.16 are here.

Another option you have is to buy the bottom case from the 2008 black MacBook, along with the heatsink and inverter cable to fit that era of MacBook and you can go up to the 2.4 GHz board.

Here is a video explaining the things you need to pay attention to when changing motherboards for the A1181, pre Unibody, MacBooks.

I hope I have helped you more than confused you.

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Great answer. + Always informative!!!


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Logic Board #2D924PT14MVA us 630-92810N8PJ BCM9432JMC

MS700 933 9228 09/06/7 what board replaces thanks what is the specs on this BD thanks

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After complements,

I have Mac Book Retina 2014.

The battery does not charge. The technician is trying to fix it. Says corrosion due to moisture seeping in from keyboard is the problem. Has even given an ultra sonic test. Now going in for more advanced diagnosis.

Is it possible for these technicians to replace good parts with substandard ones and pull a fast one on me?

Appreciate a reply.

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My 2012 Macbook freezes sometimes randomly, during video watching or web browsing. I am going to replace my battery no matter what, it can barely last an hour. I am wondering if I'm able to buy a logic board online and if I should replace my logic board.

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2 comentários: possible to change Mac a1181 motherboard for one more recent processor , wich one more recent? thanks


Consider installing Linux Mint. My MacBook Late 2008 unibody would freeze or reboot every hour or so after upgrading from Mountain Lion. It ran slower and Safari became unusable.

So, I decided to I install Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon and it runs better than when I bought it new with Leopard/Snow Leopard on it. I recently upgraded to Linux Mint 19.3 and it runs even better.

I'm done with Apple. Too expensive hardware that Apple makes obsolete too soon. Linux is so much better. I'm not trying to sell Linux, I'm just frustrated that Apple makes their old hardware obsolete when it can run great with Linux. Or maybe I'm just cheap. At least, after 11 years, I can still enjoy this macbook.


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I have a 2012 Macbook Pro, the one just before the Retina came out. I did not want to upgrade it because this one has changeable Ram, hard drive (now SSD) and the case is good. I guess u already know that Big Sur won’t run on it. I use Catalina. It has a 15 inch screen. Do you think that something inside could be upgraded to a later motherboard or chipset? I only use Bluetooth, wifi and a USB thumb drive. I don’t need anything else to work for peripherals

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