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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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Why wont it turn on?

my samsung hasnt been able to turn on when i left it charging and woke up in the morning. I have tried everything such as holding the 3 buttons and nothing has happened. it would only stay on 0% battery icon and do nothing, i have booted in recovery mode then it would shut off instantly and go on 0% again. then after it went tonot turning on at all. i replcaed battery and left it charging and nothing too.

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Does the charging icon appear though?

If not, maybe it's the charging port.

I am assuming you checked your charger already.


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Try using a wireless charger to see what’s up. If it charges just fine, try using the cable. If it doesn’t take a charge on the cable, it’s most likely the charge port, which is a common failure on devices with MicroUSB. The bad news is if it is the charge port that’s bad, you’ll need to replace the screen as well because the two buttons on the side of the home button are part of the port assembly and go under the screen. Unless you can find someone who’s good at microsoldering they can replace it.

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