need to fix my phone, it wont start or charge.

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i need to fix my phone, or at least turn it on so i can find a picture i need for a court trial. thanks

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youll want to find your device model number and search google/ youtube for a teardown that will allow you access to the battery. you can try to remove the battery and plug in the dc adapter to see if it will power on this way.( the picture shown indicates there is power on the device, but potential charge port circuit issues).if not, then youll want to start troubleshooting. i would start with the dc voltage coming in from the power supply on the main board and see if it is present. if it is, i would disconnect the power and start looking for a short to ground. youll need to have a digital multimeter and ability to use it. some troubleshooting can be done without a schematic, but for more intense cases, youll want to find one online. first step first, try and boot it without the battery attached. post back here for any further assistance if needed.


I took off the battery but it didn't do anything, I don't have a multimeter either the ability to use it. and every store I go they say: sorry, we don't fix phones besides iPhone, Samsung, or Pixel.

I don't know how can I troubleshoot it besides taking the battery off.


have you tried to hook the device up to your pc? worth a shot to see if its recognized in its adb state...perhaps if so, can get data off this way. (prob not but just looking for possible solutions)


yes, the phone was connected to the computer when I took the picture but the PC didn't recognize a thing.


just to be clear....youre not trying to charge it via pc are you? if so, repeat the no battery with the adapter plugged into a wall. if not, unfortunately, we cannot proceed here without the tools and ability. thats odd that a shop wouldnt take it in but thats their wheelhouse and i commend them for not taking in something they arent able to work on. that leaves you kind of in the dumps however. if that is your phone in the picture, and its still displaying the charge screen without it actually charging.... and it functions normally as unplug, charge screen goes away, plug in and charge screen comes back up....i would call around on the phone and ask the techs if the do charge port services. if you are really desperate...... data recovery is costly, but you could ask techs at a data center if they could do an off chip data recovery service..... thats all ive got...good luck to you


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