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Bosch fridge/freezer condenser pipe leak

I have a BOSCH side by side fridge freezer. In April I noticed the freezer wasn't freezing so I called BOSCH and an engineer came. He did a diagnostic on all the moving parts where he told me the compressor is faulty and it's going to cost just over £600 to replace. I agreed and 2 days later another engineer from BOSCH came to replace the compressor. This engineer checked whether there was any liquid in the system and of course NO liquid. He then vacuumed the system and re-gassed. I asked why this issue occurred and he said it seems there was a blockage but seems OK now as its holding pressure. The unit worked perfectly for 2 months. But after then I turned the unit off as I wanted to clean the inside. The unit was turned off for about 3 hours. The next day I opened the fridge and it wasn't cool. I called BOSCH again where the 1st engineer came and without checking anything said its an internal leak and can't be fixed but he would get the same engineer to come and re-gas the unit. So last week the unit was re-gassed but he didn't vacuum the system and that day it began to cool down. The engineer told he sprayed a liquid on all the exposed areas to detect whether there was a leak. After 30mins or so he explained he wasted able to see any viable leaks and it must be an internal leak which can't be fixed due to the unit having pipes that are enclosed. However, that night I heard a strange noise coming from the back of the unit. I investigated and found the condensor pipe where it bends was leaking liquid and bubbles where forming. I again called BOSCH but the call centre refused to send an engineer stated the unit cannot be fixed and if an engineer was to come out I will be charged again. I did explain that on their website they do sell condenser replacements and that's where the leak is. Never did I expect BOSCH customer service to be so poor.

My question is, if the leak is coming from the condenser pipe can this be replaced easily and is it worth fixing??? The unit is 9 years old and I paid £3000 it's in excellent condition.

Thank you in advanced to your help

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Unfortunately I do not have warranty


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The unit is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the plumbing leak could be repaired and the unit might work great. Otoh, the service engineers may have diagnosed the issue correctly and the blockage would cause the plumbing to leak again. I would definitely look into warranty replacement, since the unit is fairly new and the repairmen have built you a solid case for a manufacturing defect.

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Hi All,

Thought I would update you with my unit. After numerous emails to UK BOSCH regarding the issue I was having I was told they can't do anything about it. I therefore asked for contact details for Germany HQ where I wanted to raise a complaint with UK customer services who dismissed the faulty condenser even though I recorded a video of the condenser pipe leaking. I was contacted by a senior representative in UK and explained that when I spoke to customer services and told of the condenser leaking they said it can't be fixed as the part was discontinued even though I went on their spare parts website and added it to basket. The rep then said there are other parts that need changing that have been discontinued. I questioned him to what parts but he told me to contact another department. Neverthess the senior rep agreed to send an engineer out to replace the condenser. The initial call out charge was paid last year and I did pay for the parts for regass the 1st time. I told the senior rep I understand that I have paid the call out charge which covers all labour and I'm prepared to pay for parts even though this problem has been going on just under a year. The condenser has been replaced, unit regassed and its been 2 months now and all working fine.

The engineer who replaced the condenser saw the video I made and was very apologetic for the customer service rep saying parts BOSCH sell can be changed and this should have been done when I saw the condenser pipe leak.

I just want to thank those who took the time to reply back to me.

Just goes to show that you can't take no for an answer ?

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