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Repair manuals and information for the Microsoft Surface book line of laptops.

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Resetting/replacing corrupted UEFI Bios?

Hi there

Recently my surface book downloaded an automatic firmware update which bricked my device. Microsoft are denying responsibilty so I am looking into alternative ways of fixing it (there’s a whole thread about the issue linked here, several others have the exact same issue)

So I have two questions:

  1. Would it be possible to reset the bios by unplugging the main battery inside? (Similar to removing a cmos battery on a desktop motherboard)
  2. If the above answer is no, or a reset does not work - which chip contains the bios on the surface book (As I saw there were several flash chips on the teardown guide) and where could I get a suitable replacement?

Thank you in advance!

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Same happened to my surface laptop 3. Microsoft isn't refusing the fix it. They want 400$. And that was the last time I ever bought a surface product.


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Removing the battery for a few minutes should definetely reset it.

You could also try the ‘‘hold volume up+press power button’’ before you start digging for the battery.

With either one of these you should be good to re-configure your bios.

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Thanks for the answer!

I've tried the button combination - does not work unfortunately (this all happened after a firmware update, so I suspect the bios could be corrupt).

I'll open it up, unplug the battery and update you on how it goes!


@rtxd I hope you fix it nice and ez :)


how did it go?


Not great to be honest.

I managed to take it apart (busted a few components in the process, but I expected this).

I unplugged the battery but plugging it back in after some time did not change the outcome.

After a bit of research, it turns out that the firmware update caused the bios data on the eeprom chip to go bad. Which means doing a 'hard reset' to the bios won't change anything, since the back-up (on the eeprom) is also shot.

I then attempted to reprogram the bios chip myself manually, but it was too difficult to get to the chip on the motherboard since it is a surface mount component.

So in other words - Microsoft pushed a firmware update that bricked my device....


Were you able to get it working again? I think I am facing the same issue you.


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