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Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in March of 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Why is the bottom of my screen white?

The bottom 4th of my screen is white. It covers the entire keyboard, but everything still works like normal. Also, it is very hard to get the phone to wake up. When i press the power button, the bottom fourth of the screen flickers and it doesn’t turn on. As I said before, touches still register and even the fingerprint scanner still works, it’s just that I can’t see the bottom fourth. All I want to know is what I need to replaced to get this issue fixed. This is an international phone.

Thank You for any suggestions or answers.

Update (07/03/2020)

Block Image

This is what the phone looks like, as you can see there are a few dead pixels on the right, but I’m not too worried about them.

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Same problem. Lots of threads on this issue. No solutions. No, resetting phone doesn't work. No, safe mode doesn't help. Phone less than a year old. Still owe samsung money for it. Apple much better. I will be requesting a replacement tomorrow.


Same problem but mines is bigger like stuck with the YouTube screen white and flickering


I'm never buying a samsung phone ever again. It broke 2 months after warranty because its faulty crap and now I'm stuck with a 300€ repair if i want to fix it :)) Next one will be an iphone.


Do you know what part they had to use to repair it?


Same problem I broke my screen but it works fine should I get pannel replaced?


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It looks like the screen is damaged and needs replaced.

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Yes. Just called ibreakufix. Common. Samsung S series problem. Called samsung and they honor warranty at authorized samsung service. Even made appointment for me tomorrow. Guy at phone place said 2 hour repair, $250 normally. Second display issue in 11 months of owning phone. I will say support was pleasant. If it gets fixed and I walk out without a bill I will recant my "I wish I would have stuck with apple" Grumblings. I'll update this thread tomorrow and let everyone know.


So at 10am I checked in at UbreakIfix and 2.5 hours later I have a new screen that was warrantied and a fully functional S10 again. Thank you samsung. FYI the bill was $268 if your out of warranty. I had a month left. Whew.


No Idea How You Got Them To Fix It and Especially Under Warranty, All They Did Was Blame Me for Causing The Damage Because of Some Very Minor Surface Scuffs and Absolutely Would Not Fix It Even Though This Is A Common Type Issue With Samsung S10 Phones, If There Is Even 1 Little Scratch or Scuff On This Fragile Phone It's Automatically Your Fault For Causing The Insides of This Fragile Phone To Puke It's Guts All Over Itself and You Either Better Cough Up $ 400 ish For Repairs or Get Bent Cause They Won't Fix It Under Warranty. This Phone Is Not Made to Handle The Real World Environment Even The Slightest , This Phone Is Way To Fragile and Not Worth The High Price.


Experienced this problem yesterday , does the screen need to be replaced or it’s a system bug or fault? Unfortunately no warranty available


هل الشاشه محتاجه تتغير ام ممكن تتصلح ارجو المساعده


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