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The Dodge Caliber is a front-engine, front-wheel drive five-door compact hatchback manufactured and marketed by Chrysler's Dodge division from model years 2007 to 2012.

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Why is the air bag light is on continously

why is air bag light does not go off

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Although this is an old thread, I hope my comment can still be useful to anyone checking it. I experienced the same issue with my Dodge, where the airbag light turned on and I tried to diagnose the problem on my own. Despite spending a lot of time on it, I couldn't find the root cause of the issue. However, I stumbled upon a helpful article on the YOUCANIC website that explained how to troubleshoot and diagnose airbag light problems specifically for Dodge vehicles. Thanks to that article, I was able to identify that the passenger occupancy sensor wiring had already been torn, and I was able to fix the problem within just a few hours. I'm grateful to have found the YOUCANIC Dodge Airbag Light article.

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You have a problem with the airbag circuit. It could be a defective airbag, a defective sensor or the module. Check your warranty for the air bag and also check for recalls. The airbags will not work if the light is on so take it to a repair shop. I would NOT recommend you try to repair your airbag system. It can be dangerous.

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