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Repair information for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, an electronic doorbell with video playback and two-way talk. Released in April 2016 with model number 88LP000CH000.

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Ring Door Bell Pro - button not ringing

I have a ring pro that is 3 months old. Everything works except when someone presses the button nothing happens. I have disconnected the ring pro and put a normal door bell button on to test the inside chime. Inside chime works perfectly. I put the ring pro back on and pair it up with the WIFI, push the button, nothing happens. Video works great and I get all motion alerts. Is it possible the button is stuck? I have tried taking it off line and adding it again. I’ve tried factory reset. Nothing changes.

At night, the ring pro shows a solid white circle with three red dots below.

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The doorbell isn't rung with wifi. The regular doorbell should have 2 wires coming out of the wall. Did you hook up those wires to the doorbell? Is the doorbell you purchased made for a standard doorbell replacement? The button part of the doorbell connects the 2 wires together when you press the button. The wifi is just for the connection to the camera and recording. You can take the two wires coming out of the wall and touch them together and the doorbell will ring.

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