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iPhone 6S no Modem Firmware after water damage

Got a iphone 6s to repair from water damage.

After cleaning and removing a shorted cap near RF_PMU iphone went back to life, everything works except mobile network, it keep searching for signal and a message appears saying: “Mobile data update failed”

It have the correct IMEI set but Modem firmware is blank.

I reballed RF_PMU and baseband, no damage nor bad tracks, the operation resulted in same behaviour.

Is there any other IC responsible to Modem Firmware?

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I had this problem once on a water damaged iPhone 6 after running the jumpers and re-balling the baseband CPU it still had no firmware. I replaced every chip under the bottom shield and it didn’t help. So I would defiantly say this is the baseband CPU or the traces under it. I wouldn’t spend any more time on this.

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That's bad news... The network issues are the worst and invalidates a phone.

I have another 6S that instant overheat when a SIM card is placed and reboot after a while, no network signal and have both IMEI and Moden Firmware (Not from water damage). Works totally ok without a SIM card. Any guess on that? Or can i use any chip exchange to recover the other?


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