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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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How can I rescue data from HDD when the Playstation will not turn on?

I have now had a CE-34335-8 error code on PS4 and no matter how many times I have attempted to fix it, there seems to be no other option than to buy a new HDD.

Problem is, the playstation won't even boot up for me to do a backup of saves data etc…

It won't even start up Safe Mode.

Does anyone know how I can rescue the data fr the HDD or even how to fix this error code?

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Thank you for your help.

I have ordered a new HDD as I felt this may have ended up being the case.

I just hope my PSN Plus was set to store all game save data as that's what I hoped to rescue the most!

Thanks for your response Tom.


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You can’t. The content on the PS4 internal HDD is per-console encrypted. Even if you can copy the content on the HDD byte for byte, it is totally useless because the only PS4 that can read it is broken.

CE-34335-8 means "Cannot access system storage" // Issue with hard drive; it may be improperly inserted, corrupt or bad.

If the hard drive is broken, data recovery on a encrypted hard drive is also difficult, since you have very little way of knowing if the recovered encrypted data is correct or not. Not to mention data recovery on broken hardware can easily cost thousands of dollars.

If you have PSN Plus, your save data is backed up in the cloud. Most games will reconstruct your profile based on your online game history and unlock things you already obtained anyway.

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