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{A1989 / EMC3214}—Released in July 2018, the 13" MacBook Pro features quad-core i5 and i7 processors and Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics.

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MacBook Pro 2018 won’t power on and got super hot

2 days ago I put my Mac into sleep mode, after 4 hours it was very hot I tried to turn it on but nothing! I tried everything

  • Press and hold the power button on your Mac for 10 seconds, then press it again.
  • Reset the System Management Controller (SMC).
  • Option + commend +p + r

When I plug the charger and press power button or any key the Mac become very hot even after I unplug the charger it still hot, its only after I have done a SMC reset and after a few seconds heat gone.

But still nothing no display's brightness down or brightness up  keys on the built-in keyboard even no fan sound.

Update (06/25/2020)

Today I went to an Apple authorized service center in Hyderabad Pakistan.

Aptronix: Why did you come, go make online appointment today from 5 - 7 pm, But “This location has no available reservation”

Conquer Technologies: No technical support available. even they have, but they are lazy to fix my problem.

Update (06/28/2020)

Apple authorized service center want me to pay 700$ for new motherboard they did not even open the Mac only when they see it is not turning on.

I connected my Mac to Windows laptop with USB-C and I see new device ’Macintosh’ in devices and printer, is that a good sign and means motherboard is working?

also when i plug in charger i press the trackpad it clicks and right side of the mac i feel heat

Update (09/25/2020)


after months of searching i think i know what is the problem

Block Image

Block Image

what is the number in this part i can’t read it so i will try to order it online and fix it my myself

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@akhar1 - Let's not duplicate postings, some of us live in a very different time zone! As such we are sound asleep counting MacBook Pro's, iPhones & iPads jumping over the moon in our dreams! ;-}


@danj ok sorry , can you help me with Update (09/25/2020)

what is the number in this item and where i can order ? i need to purchase and see if this will fix the problem


@akhar1 - Sadly I don't have the schematics or board views for this system.

Even still many of the parts Apple uses are custom so even ID'ing part may not help you, and you still need the specialized tools to replace it which are also costly.


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Sadly your logic board has a short! You’ll need to visit an Apple Store or authorized service center to have your system repaired if you still have AppleCare warranty (if just a month or so out they should still cover it). If you have AppleCare+ you’re golden!

Going to an Apple Store won’t cost you anything whereas going to others will likely cost you for an estimate if not covered under warranty.

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do you thing i need to change the logic board ?

please see Update (06/28/2020) in my post


Sadly, the fact you can see the system via USB-C is not telling us much.

Just like your body there are different parts which specialize on different things like your heart and your brain. You can be brain dead but your heart continues to pump away.

This is also the case here! The USB-C connection is like the heart still working, but the brain part is still dead.

I think you'll need to let me fix it, unless you can get to a real Apple Store.


@danj apple want to charge me 700$ for motherboard , i am trying to get another solution , can you fix it ??


The cost of shipping it to the states and me shipping it back won't be cheap! If I can't fix it I would likely end up needing to replace the logic board so its not going to be cheaper.


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