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Top half of touch screen is not responding


I have just received a broken iPhone 8 for free from a friend to see if I could fix it.

The top half of the touchscreen is unresponsive. Phone and screen visually appear to be in great condition.

Is this easily repairable? Which parts would I need to purchase and how much would they cost? Not looking for genuine apple parts but something decent that will restore functionality.

Have repaired some other phones in the past so not totally noob.

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As long as there’s no underlying issues with the board, all you need is a new screen assembly. You can order a repair kit from ifixit with the tools and do the work yourself. Just be careful with the home button. You’ll need to transfer it in order to maintain the return to home and TouchID functions. A heat gun or good hair dryer will come in handy with transferring the home button and front camera assembly. Take your time and follow the guides and you’ll be golden. Also you will lose TrueTone unless you have the programmer to transfer the original screen’s serial number to the new screen. But none of my customers notice it’s gone when I replace the screen.

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Thank you for your answer.

When you say I need the programmer, I'm guessin that would be some semi expensive piece of proprietary apple software?


Actually there's an aftermarket one available. I can't remember how much it is but like I said, my customers haven't complained about losing truetone.


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