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This instant camera from Fujifilm now boasts a slimmer and lighter body than previous revisions. The Mini 8 helps the photographer by alerting them the recommended aperture. It also has a High-Key flash mode which helps the photographer attain soft portraits for a stunning look.

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Schematics diagram of the circuit board

I’m trying to fix a broken Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and there is something wrong with the board. I’m suspecting a resistor went bad, but it’s a super small SMD resistor and I’m not able to read its value. I was trying to find schematics to find out this information but I didn’t have any luck :(

Are they available somewhere?

The resistor is R43 on the board, next to the microcontroller:

Block Image


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Just contacted Customer support, I’ll get back to you on that, in the mean time I’ll look around for the resistor

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Thanks a lot, Carter!!


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