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Battery connector swap between iPhone 7 and 8

I am looking into the possibility of switching the battery of the iPhone 7 into the iPhone 8 to lead to longer battery life for the latter. Problem is, the batteries have different connectors in both. I know that the battery connectors can be repaired/replaced and so switched as well.

Could someone please outline the process for switching the battery connectors ? Did you switch the connector on the motherboard or the battery itself ? I suspect the iPhone may not accept a smaller battery than it expects but if you place a larger one (like iphone 7’s inside an iPhone 8) if might work. Also would it be more prudent to switch the connector at the end of the wire or the wire itself ? I would expect that switching it on the motherboard itself would be a much more arduous and failure-prone method.

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This will not work. You cannot solder an iPhone 7 battery connector to the iPhone 8 the pads are different spacing. And unless you have been microsoldering for about 10 years you will not be able to solder an iPhone 8 battery flex to an iPhone 7 battery.

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If you are trying to get longer battery life in a iPhone, you can get aftermarket batteries with higher capacity. Just be really careful because there are a lot of fakes that will claim the mAh is some crazy number, but it isn't accurate. Loctus is a pretty good brand I think. Here is the link to a Loctus battery with 2210 mAh. The original/normal one for the iPhone 8 is 1,821mAh. Here is the same product, but on eBay.

I definitely wouldn't try to put a iPhone 7 battery in a 8 and vice versa.

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