Error 5 when using the docking station

Hi, I hope someone can advise me;

I have a Roomba 560 which when I charge it using the docking station after 10/20 mins the Roomba reports an Error 5 code message. It appears to charge perfectly directly from the AC power supply.

I have tried resetting the battery using the “spot” and “dock” button combination a number of times. The only internal issue I have found was some corrosion on one of the battery terminals both on the battery itself and the Roomba. Should I replace the battery?

It works fine cleaning and then returning to the docking station but then reports Error 5 again.

Any advice gratefully received on what the issue might be. I am considering buying a new docking station or AC charge to see if one of those is at fault. If it is the Roomba itself can I repair or replace a part?

Thanks in advance.

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