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The Microsoft Surface Keyboard was released alongside the Surface Studio on December 15, 2016. This is a wireless Bluetooth chiclet keyboard that is multi-OS compatible.

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Why is my computer shutting off when not plugged in

So my brother pored a bucket of water on my computer, and now when I try unplugging it it shuts down, and sometimes randomly shuts off as well. I want to know if my brother is the problem or is it just my computer, and how to fix it if possible. Please help!

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Erin Crockford we can't fix your brother but possibly can help you with your computer. What exact make and model is it? If it got dowsed with a bucket of water the problem could/is that you have shorted out the mother board etc. But we need to get more information about what comouter you have first.


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The internal battery is probably dead and needs to be replaced…

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