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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Can’t boot in normal mode. Only Safe mode

Hi , I have a serious issue with my new MacBook Pro. It has 3 days. I was doing some stuff in bootcamp when it suddenly froze and the fans went on max, then it restarted. It started loading windows but did the same thing when booting up. I tried to get it to MacOS but the loading bar went to 3/4 and it crashed. I tried resetting the NVRAM and SMC, i also re-installed the MacOS, but that didn’t work. I then erased the whole drive including the bootcamp partition and everything, re-installed MacOS again, but that didn’t work.

also!! The MacBook loads without any issues to Safe Mode. Please help me!! I’m already crying over it. It has 3 days!

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Same issue here, it seems a pretty common problem with MBP 16. It is related to a GPU issue. Most of the people fixed it with HW repair, still trying to get mine fixed through Apple Care.


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Call Apple Support to set up an appointment for you at an Apple Store to have them help you. Re-installing your OS should have worked, I’m suspecting you have a deeper issue here.

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